Sleep Tips & Tales

Dad trying to get kids to sleep

Kids learning to sleep and self-settle at bedtime

Bed time rituals are important for kids to know that they are in a safe environment and will minimise the time they can self-settle. Snuggle time is also a great time to connect with your kids and build on the bonds between you. I can assure you that when your kids get older it’s moments like these that they will remember and rituals easily become traditions passed on through your family generations.
Girl sleeping peacefully on pillowcase Muluzu

Kids need zzzz!

Personally, I know with my kids, they all had their own sleep needs and not one of them was the same! Some kids actually require more sleep than others to function well. All of this is fine however, but, the problems start when their body doesn't have enough hours of rest and our job then becomes the “Sleep Police”.